sábado, 9 de maio de 2009

There's a little black dark scar tired divide This is it, can you hear me? Have you ever felt a shattered heart buried alive? You can do almost anything There's a little red bridge with the view of the sun with a lake Recommends such a settling sight And the thousands of stars come out thousands of times We can go, only if you believe. Do you feel like you've lost everything you can lose? This is it, can you hear me? When you cry do your tears reach out of the room Calling out every moment of need? Do you ever lay awake with a look in the eyes Asking God if a wish is too big to deny I will offer a line, and it's ready for use. Let me know, are you ready for me? I'd like to say that you're my only fear. And when I dream, it slowly disappears. And when I wake, I'm right here by your side. To feel your heart beat in and out of time.

When the storm brings rain, snow, fate of all kinds You can feel almost anything. When the day seems to melt, fall flat into night You can feel almost anything. When you can't go on, you got to get up and try. This is it, can you feel me? When the bombs come down,we will make it alive. If you only, if you wanna believe.

When I dream
I feel your heart